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Service NSW: Improving the customer experience and worker productivity


Service NSW helps residents of New South Wales, Australia connect with government services through customer-service kiosks in 130 locations—but the old kiosks’ operating system lacked remote service features and required time-consuming hard drive repairs. By using Chrome devices for kiosks, Service NSW significantly reduced management, increased security and with the deployment of Chrome devices to workers with Google Workspace, helped its employees save time and work more flexibly.

About Service NSW

Created in 2013 to increase transparency and provide better government service for citizens, Service NSW is a New South Wales, Australia government service access agency. Since its founding, the agency has completed over 70 million transactions such as providing driver licenses, marriage certificates, and vehicle registrations.

Industries: Government & Public Sector
Location: Australia

Chrome Enterprise Results

Requires only 5 percent of support time previously needed

Chromebases require only 5 percent of support hours needed by Microsoft devices.

Cloud tools eliminate the need for costly private WAN networks.

Reduced annual IT operational costs by 46 percent.

Helps Service NSW meet goal to perform 70 percent of government transactions digitally by 2019.

Improves employee productivity, collaboration and data security.

Fast and Reliable Customer Service

Service NSW streamlined IT management and reduced reliance on hardware by choosing Chromebases running ChromeOS for its self-service kiosks. Once the agency saw the cost and time savings of the new devices, it added Chromebooks and Google Workspace for all employees, giving workers the flexibility, security, and reliability benefits of working in the cloud.

ChromeOS has become our digital platform of choice at Service NSW. What started as a journey to make our customer experience faster and easier became a solution that made our employee experience faster and easier as well.

Ben McMullen, CIO, Service NSW