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Trimble: Adopting ChromeOS and Parallels Desktop for greater flexibility and security


Trimble, a technology company focusing on positioning, modeling, connectivity, and data analytics, wanted to equip its employees with productivity solutions that would prepare the company for any scenario. Most employees were using Windows devices and apps, but Trimble IT leaders wanted to move toward more cloud-based tools, and reduce the complexity of managing multiple operating systems. Trimble was also hoping to give employees more flexibility in where and how they work. The solution was ChromeOS with Chrome devices, and Parallels Desktop for ChromeOS to maintain access to legacy apps such as AutoCAD.

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Trimble provides transformative technologies to help industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial engineering, and transportation improve productivity, quality, safety, transparency, and sustainability.

Industry: Industrial Technology
Location: Global

Chrome Enterprise results

Greater flexibility to manage remote work

Employees maintain seamless access to AutoCAD and Excel.

Remote management means Trimble IT teams spend less time on troubleshooting.

Employees can connect to Workspace from any device, including personal Android devices.

Chrome flexibility enhances Trimble’s corporate resilience.

Improved workplace flexibility and security

In addition to its fleet of Acer Chromebooks and Pixelbooks, Trimble plans to add a large number of Dell 5400 Latitude Chromebooks. The Admin console allows easy remote management of users and devices, and with cloud applications such as Workspace, employees have more flexibility in how they work. With Android Enterprise, employees can even use personal or company-issued Android devices to log in to Workspace. Parallels Desktop allows users upgrading from Windows to maintain reliable access to locally hosted legacy applications. Company data is automatically secured with encryption before storage in Google Drive.

By running Parallels Desktop on ChromeOS, we can run Windows applications quickly and easily. That means people don’t need multiple devices to do their jobs—just a Chromebook.

— Frej Krook, Collaboration Community Manager for Employee Tools, Trimble

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