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Vertex uses Chrome Browser to help ensure the privacy of customer tax data


Vertex faced technical limitations when relying on a legacy browser to power tax technology solutions for businesses. Optimizing their platform for Chrome Browser helped clients file taxes fast and create reports faster in a secure environment, where their issues can be resolved minutes after being reported.

About Vertex

Having helped 10,000+ businesses since 1978, Vertex provides integrated tax technology solutions. Vertex uses Chrome browser for Vertex Enterprise, their fast and user-friendly platform that unifies business tax data and can be leveraged on a global scale.

Industries: Financial Services & Insurance
Location: USA

Security and accessibility

Vertex simplifies business tax prep with Chrome Browser

More secure HTTP communications.

More data security with sandboxing.

More cross-site scripting attacks blocked with security headers supported by Chrome.

Chrome Browser’s security headers helped Vertex block cross-site scripting attacks and add protocols for secure HTTP communications. Chrome’s built-in sandboxing was also a plus. Less time spent on security means Vertex employees have more time to build new features and inspect code in real time on the back end.

By optimizing our products for Chrome browser, we ensure our customers have a secure and productive environment for calculating business taxes and running tax reports, so they can focus on analyzing results and making better business decisions.

Kong Yang, Technical Director of Enterprise Solutions, Vertex