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Blend creates digital platforms to help financial services businesses streamline lending. The company has to securely manage consumers’ sensitive personal financial data in an environment where engineers need access to production systems to build, maintain, and troubleshoot the product. Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade help engineers work productively while also safeguarding consumer information.

About Blend

Following the 2008 financial crisis, the founders of Blend saw an opportunity to add simplicity and transparency to the mortgage lending process. Today, Blend’s digital lending platform helps lenders reduce risk and increase trust during mortgage transactions.

Industries: Financial Services & Insurance
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

10X increase in engineers on production systems

Increased the number of engineers with production environment access from 10 to 100.

Improved security through automated patch management and with Chrome extensions adding security certificates and anti-phishing tools.

Maintained budgets for IT admin and device costs even as dozens more Chromebooks were deployed.

Security At All Stages of Production

Chromebooks give Blend engineers a sandboxed environment all the way from device keyboard to production. Blend’s IT department uses Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to whitelist apps and build extensions, including one that creates a security certificate uniquely tied to each Chromebook.

Following the successful Chromebook rollout, Blend plans to add Chromebooks to its new customer call center. Agents will use Chromebooks to access Google Workspace and CRM applications, while the IT team centrally manages the devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

As well as saving us money, Chromebooks buy us time and freedom. Engineers don’t need to worry about security or wait for IT to configure or lock down Chromebooks. They can just get to work.

Jon Debonis, Head of Security, Blend

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