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Square: Pixelbooks and Figma improve productivity and design workflows


Square, the financial services technology company, needed to help employees remain productive as the business grew globally—while also keeping workers and their data secure. In addition, Square’s design teams wanted to solve design workflow challenges caused by siloed software environments. Pixelbooks with Google Workspace are now offered to new employees, reducing IT management and easing security concerns. As Square’s design teams adopts Figma, the browser-based design tool, designers can now choose Pixelbooks as an alternative to MacBooks.

About Square

Square creates tools that help sellers start, run, and grow their businesses. Square’s point-of-sale software and other business services help sellers manage inventory, locations, and employees; access financing; engage buyers; build a website or online store; and grow sales.

Industries: Financial Services & Insurance
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise results

70 percent less time to set up Pixelbooks

Offered greater choice of tools depending on workers’ needs.

With Figma, the browser-based design tool, improved workflow and collaboration for Square’s design team Improved security through ChromeOS automatic updates.

Reduced IT device setup time by 70 percent.

Secure workflows, greater collaboration

After careful testing, Square added Pixelbook to its roster of worker productivity tools. Features such as the containerized ChromeOS help strengthen security, as does the automatic updates. Since the IT team doesn’t need to image drives or install applications, Pixelbooks can be set up in about 70 percent less of the time needed for other devices. Now that Figma has added the ability to use custom fonts with Figma Organization, Square’s designers use Figma on their Pixelbooks to collaborate on projects and get faster approvals.

Pixelbooks help us scale the business as fast as we can hire people, with less operational overhead.

Anthony Arrigotti, IT Global Lead, Square