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Converga employees stay in touch with Chromebooks and Google Workspace — any time, anywhere


To bridge the gap between onsite and offsite communications, Converga would send their account managers to check in with remote employees on a regular basis. Customer networks and devices that weren’t always reliable were used to connect workers out in the field. By introducing Chromebooks and Google Workspace into their organization, Converga’s employees were given one place to continue developing offshore outsourcing solutions together — the cloud.

About Converga

Converga, a business process outsourcing company based in Australia, provides digital mailroom, document processing, and a variety of other managed services. Converga has over 1,300 resources at more than 150 customer locations.

Industries: Professional Services
Location: Australia

Seamless remote management

500+ employees connected with Chrome Enterprise

Chromebooks deployed at over 50 customer sites across Australia and New Zealand.

Instant two-way communication with headquarters.

Reduced costs with no need to repurchase or rewrite existing applications.

Converga used Chrome Enterprise to modernize its workflow and give employees easy-to-use, cloud-based tools like Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google+ to communicate with each other and with senior management at the main headquarters. Chromebooks integrated with Citrix XenApp helped virtually deliver existing apps through Chrome Browser, eliminating more costs.

We chose Chrome Enterprise for Converga because of its simplicity of use and seamless remote management. We liked that Chromebooks are sleek and lightweight like a tablet, but have a keyboard for easy data entry... Introducing Chromebooks has supported our goal of making all employees, regardless of their location, feel united.

Douglas Grgas, General Manager of IT & Infrastructure, Converga