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Overview gathers reviews of doctors and the medical office experience, so patients can make more informed choices about their physicians. The company needed devices to place in doctors’ offices that would be easy to manage, and also encourage patients to submit reviews while still in medical offices instead of posting reviews from home. Acer Chromebooks with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade allow to centrally manage devices while securely collecting reviews at 4,000 medical offices nationwide.

About was founded in 2012 to help healthcare organizations deliver a better customer experience at every step of the digital patient journey. The company improves online visibility for physicians and also helps amplify patient reviews across the web to boost doctors’ reputations.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: United States

Chrome Enterprise Results

4,000 Chromebooks (and counting) in medical offices nationwide

Saved time and money with centralized device management.

Increased the number of patient reviews, helping doctors improve their online presence and market their practices.

Successfully managed costs for devices, meeting the startup’s budget requirements.

Security and Setup In Just a Few Clicks

The security built into ChromeOS protects patients’ privacy when reviews are collected on Chromebooks and shared with doctors. The IT team created a Chrome extension that gathers each Chromebook’s unique identification data; using this data, the team can push out customized screens for each medical office’s Chromebook using Chrome’s kiosk mode.

For medical office staff, Chromebook setup is easy: They simply enter a device code the first time the Chromebook is used.

We can centrally manage Chromebooks in all of our customer offices using Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. Everyone can be on the same version of our application at the same time—there’s just a single button to deploy versions to test environments as well as production.

David Murray, Chief Technology Officer,