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Kaho Musen Holdings Co. Ltd.: Transforming into a digital enterprise


Kaho Musen Holdings Co. Ltd. wanted to modernize business processes at its GooDay chain of 64 hardware stores across five prefectures in Japan. Even as late as 2014, the stores used paper records and communicated by phone calls—and the few computers employees did use were not connected to the internet because of problems with computer viruses.

Kaho Musen technology leaders knew they needed to transform GooDay to improve the customer experience and make the workforce happier and more productive. Beginning in 2015, Kaho Musen adopted ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise devices, including easy-to-use productivity apps in Google Workspace and a secure, easy-to-manage OS.

About Kaho Musen Holdings Co. Ltd.

Kaho Musen Holdings Co. Ltd. was founded in 1949 and now is primarily known for its GooDay chain of 64 hardware stores across five prefectures in southern Japan.

Industry: Retail
Region: Japan

Chrome Enterprise results

Chromebooks and ChromeOS reduce time needed to find products for customers

Improved customer service and employee experience

Workers spend less time on manual processes, more time serving customers

Employees do their work without leaving Google Workspace

Store manager meetings are held on Google Meet instead of finding space for 100 or more people

With ChromeOS, information workers worry less about viruses and malware

A complete change of work tools for shop employees

Kaho Musen began the digital transformation at GooDay stores in 2015, with workers accessing Google Workspace through the company’s legacy computers. With the addition of Chrome Enterprise devices in 2020, every store manager and sales leader now has a Chromebook. Using their Chromebooks, shop floor employees can quickly look up products for customers. Chromeboxes are used to power 50-inch digital signage monitors in stores.

Our most important task is creating an environment where our staff can work comfortably. Google Workspace and Chromebook are at the center of creating such an environment.

— Takashi Yanase, CEO, Kaho Musen Holdings Co. Ltd.