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Open House: More freedom and flexibility for sales teams with Chromebooks


In the sales offices and information centers for Open House’s Tokyo real estate businesses, employees relied on paper printouts when meeting customers off-site. Long lines for shared computers were common, spurring sales associates to ask for their own devices to take to customer meetings. After Open House added about 100 Asus Chromebooks to its condo sales division, sales teams started using the devices as one-stop shops for everything they needed for sales calls, eliminating the wait time for shared computers.

About Open House

Open House began in 1997 as a real estate agency focusing mainly on Tokyo’s Jonan area. Open House sells both residential and investment properties, acts as a real estate agency, develops houses and condominiums, and builds custom homes.

Industries: Real Estate & Construction
Location: Japan

Chrome Enterprise Results

Device setup time drops from two days to 30 minutes

Shortened device setup time from two days to 30 minutes, giving the Open House IT team the ability to set up and distribute 80 Chromebooks in a day.

Consolidated all sales tools into Chrome Browser, including Google Workspace, property databases, and CRM tools.

Reduced wasteful and time-consuming print jobs.

Reduced technology costs by 32 percent.

Chromebooks create a better sales experience

Within a month after Asus Chromebooks were first introduced in Open House’s sales offices, employees changed the way they worked—such as using any available desks and taking their Chromebooks to evening sales calls. To help employees with occasional printing needs, Open House’s IT team created its own print server using Cloud Print, which also helps send scanned images to Drive folders. Sales teams now use the Chromebooks’ touchscreens for client presentations, both improving the sales call experience for customers and reducing reliance on printed sales materials.

The Chromebook allows us to access everything we need. It’s highly portable and it launches fast. Its battery lasts a day without any issues, too.

Yuki Tamura, Sales Team, Open House