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Système U uses Chrome Browser to enable employees to improve the shopping experience


Système U used a mix of productivity tools and web browsers, which made it challenging for employees to focus on customer service. Now, Chrome Browser and Google Workspace help Système U staff stay on the same page and provide more meaningful interactions, helping shoppers find the products they’re looking for.

About Système U

Système U is a cooperative organization of 1,500 independent supermarkets across France. Before 1983, Système U originally was a bread cooperative that started in Western France in 1894.

Industries: Retail & Consumer Goods
Location: France

Improving the in-store customer experience

Chrome is the official company-wide browser for Système U

Connected employees from over 1,500 stores cross-country.

Increased customer face-to-face support in retail locations.

Saved time by using one platform for employee communication.

Improved relationship between staff and patrons.

In 2013, Système U started using Google Workspace and made Chrome its official company browser. Recently, the retailer co-op deployed other products like Drive, Slides, and Google+ across their organization. Incorporating these tools in their daily workflow has freed up more time for employees to meet and help customers face-to-face in the aisles.

Now that my technical colleagues and I spend less time trying to make apps function with a browser, we have more time for long-term projects, such as rolling out other Google Workspace products such as Google Drive, Google Slides, and Google+.

Philippe Bonnet, Google Workspace Advisor and Senior Consultant, Système U