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Allium Healthcare: Improving aged care in Singapore


Allium Healthcare seeks to transform aged care in Singapore beyond its residential and day care service offerings, focusing on personalized care and enhancing the quality of life for elders. To help its nursing team manage patient notes and connect with residents and visitors, Allium Healthcare chose Chrome Enterprise and HP Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. The devices, together with management tools such as Chrome Enterprise Upgrade and the Admin Console, help Allium Healthcare share and protect patient data internally, allowing the team to focus on high-quality, reliable care delivery.

About Allium Healthcare

Singapore-based Allium Healthcare provides residential and home care for elders through its residential care suites and day care studio. Allium Healthcare’s vision is to help clients lead fulfilling, meaningful lives while receiving the personalized care they need.

Industries: Healthcare
Location: Singapore

Chrome Enterprise results

Automatic updates help keep patient data secure

Automatic updates and centralized management ensure security with minimal demand on IT resources.

ChromeOS’s compatibility with legacy apps leads to easy device adoption.

Caregivers can enliven and personalize interactions with residents and day care visitors.

Focusing on caregiving instead of IT maintenance

When Allium Healthcare started in 2018, employees at its Care Suite and Care Studios in Singapore used Windows devices and software. To move the organization to the cloud, the company’s IT leaders shifted to Chrome Enterprise and equipped half of the 60-employee team with HP Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. Instead of worrying about staying up to date on Windows patches, IT workers know that automatic updates keep devices secure. The nursing team accesses solutions like clinical management application platforms through Chrome Browser, and also downloads and runs Android apps, using them to engage with and entertain clients.

Our highest priority is security. We came to Chrome Enterprise because we know ChromeOS is secure. Patches and updates are automatic, and we can push down programs or apps instantly using the Admin Console. It’s efficient and productive.

Andy Ling Zi Wei, Head of Information Systems and Technology, Allium Healthcare