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Devoted Health: Building a business in the cloud from day one


The founders of Devoted a Health, a Medicare Advantage health plan, wanted the company to be cloud-first from day one. The goal was to differentiate the business from traditional health insurers that relied on on-premise hardware and VPNs. Cloud productivity tools would allow maximum flexibility with lower overhead, improve business resiliency, and provide a competitive advantage.

Devoted Health chose Chrome OS and Pixelbooks for their ease of use, unified services, high security, and compatibility with other software and apps. At the pandemic’s onset, Devoted Health was well-prepared to move employees, particularly Member Service Guides who advise customers, to remote work.

About Devoted Health

Devoted Health, founded in 2017, is a healthcare company specializing in Medicare Advantage plans. The company is dedicated to providing better care through a personalized approach and world-class technology.

Industries: Health Insurance
Location: United States

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10-person IT team easily serves hundreds of employees using
Chrome OS

Easily onboard new employees and equip them with new technology.

Improve business resiliency to better respond to emergencies.

Maintain privacy of customer data.

Work easily with productivity partners such as Zoom and Talkdesk.

Building resiliency and improving competitive advantage

Since the business launched in 2017, Devoted Health has used Google Workspace, Google Drive, and Chrome OS company-wide. Google Identity is used for secure login, with YubiKeys for two-factor authentication. Member Service Guides access tools like the contact center app Talkdesk via Chrome OS, ensuring they can continue to help customers even when working remotely. Devoted Health’s IT team easily manages users and Pixelbooks, pushes out new apps and extensions, and monitors usage with the Admin console. In the future, Devoted Health plans to use Zero Touch Enrollment with IT vendor CDW to ship ready-to-use Chromebooks directly to employees.

From day one, we envisioned a company that would be completely different than most insurance businesses from a technology standpoint. With Chrome OS, Pixelbooks, and Google Workspace, Devoted Health was also able to keep employees safe and working from home, without interrupting the caring service we deliver to our members on Medicare.

​David Gallant, Head of Enterprise Support and Technology, Devoted Health

About partners

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CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Its broad array of offerings range from hardware and software to integrated IT solutions such as security, cloud, data center, and networking.

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