Chrome Enterprise: Tea Time Tech Talk with Greg Simpson, CTO, Synchrony

Synchrony: Rapidly converting call center operations to remote work


To keep its 6,000 global contact center employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Synchrony, a leading consumer financial services company, needed to move employees to home-based remote work while still maintaining a high level of customer service. Because employees need fast and secure access to private customer data, converting them to remote work posed challenges in training, technology management, security, and operations. To solve these challenges, Synchrony chose Chrome Enterprise, including Chromebooks for the entire remote contact center team.

About Synchrony

Synchrony, a leading consumer financial services company, brings industry expertise, data insights, and innovative solutions to the customized private label financing programs it offers clients in the retail, health, auto, travel, and home sectors.

Industries: Financial services
Location: U.S.

Chrome Enterprise results

6,000 U.S. employees safely at home with Chromebooks in three weeks

Contact center employees shifted to remote work in just a few weeks.

IT teams quickly and easily set up and managed devices using Chrome Enterprise Upgrade Employee productivity remains high, as do customer service levels.

Managed guest sessions help employees quickly access Synchrony applications via Citrix.

Remaking productivity with Chrome Enterprise

As a first step to get contact center employees safe at home, Synchrony partnered with Connection Enterprise Solutions to source, purchase, and distribute 6,000 Chromebooks, mostly 15-inch Acer models. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade allows Chromebooks to be provisioned, set up, and managed remotely. Synchrony set up a technology team dedicated to supporting remote employees, including a support website with Chromebook and remote-working FAQs and best practices. Synchrony’s contact center teams maintained high productivity.

We’re happy to see that our employees love Chromebooks, which makes us think about keeping a remote work culture going in the future. We decided Chromebooks would now be the contact center device of choice.

Gregory Simpson, Chief Technology Officer, Synchrony

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